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Greetings from IndochinaSilk

Hi Everybody!

We are the owners of IndochinaSilk store. We have deep passion for silk of Vietnam and Indochina region. With the desire to keep our traditional values, we open our store to introduce to you beautiful products made of silk by Indochina artisans.

In Vietnam, the silk production is made mostly by women in rural areas. It’s really hard work and keep them very busy all the day but they do not earn much from their work. In Cambodia, many women, the disabled or victims of human trafficking are employed in the silk sector. Under the support of ITC (International Trade Center), a group of silk producers have been trained in production (weaving, dying, painting…), design and sales skills to boost the export of silk products from Cambodia. As a result, they can make many good quality products with nice design that you can find them at our store. In Laos, the silk industry is less developed but they are also trying their best to improve the quality of Laos’ silk.

With the huge social impact, we – the IndochinaSilk store wish to contribute to creating employment and livelihood for laborers in the silk sector of the region through the sales at our store. Please follow us and we will share with you more of our stories.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you!

The IndochinaSilk Store

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